JointFlash productJointFlash does not require peel and stick adhesives that are inconvenient and cumbersome. The product slides conveniently behind the siding and is held securely in place as you nail the board. No other flashing system is installed easier or quicker.

3 Easy Steps - JointFlash Installation on Horizontal Lap Siding

installing lap siding with JointFlash

Step 1

Install the first pieces of lap siding without nailing the end near the butt joint.

installing lap siding with JointFlash

Step 2

After working the steps up the wall, simply tuck the piece of JointFlash behind the loose end of the previously installed siding. Make sure the JointFlash is centered on the joint and is overlapping the course below by at least one inch. It may be necessary to drive a nail through the siding to hold the JointFlash in place.

installing lap siding with JointFlash

Step 3

Install the remaining piece of siding to finish the course. Nail the last nail at the butt joint as usual. The nails at the ends of the pieces at the joint will hold the JointFlash securely in place.

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