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JointFlash productJointFlash is a safe and economical solution for flashing both fiber cement and wood lap siding. The user-friendly polyethylene flashing system is perfect for both residential and commercial siding applications.

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The Advantage of Choosing JointFlash



JointFlash is made of high density polyethylene, which results in a convenient and lightweight product. This means siding installers can easily carry larger quantities without discomfort and have an increased amount of flashing readily accessible, reducing trips to replenish.

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Safe / No Sharp Edges

Unlike metal flashing or tin shingles, JointFlash is safe, pliable, soft and lacks any sharp edges. Working with JointFlash reduces the risk of liability and protects against cut hands and fingers that slow down production. JointFlash also eliminates an overhead hazard since it is too light to cause any damage if it falls from an above working surface.



JointFlash is competitively priced against most other junction flashing systems, with prices sometimes being less than half of the price of competing products. JointFlash also can be installed very quickly and efficiently, which decreases the overall time to complete the job. These factors save time and money, making JointFlash the most economical flashing system on the market.

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Easy To Install

JointFlash does not require peel and stick adhesives that are inconvenient and cumbersome. The product slides conveniently behind the siding and is held securely in place as you nail the board. No other flashing system is installed easier or quicker.


Resists Corrosion

Because JointFlash is a polyethylene product, corrosion is not a concern. JointFlash has a zero absorption rate, making it the perfect junction flashing to use in marine climates where there is wind driven rain or salt water. JointFlash can also be installed in any temperature, as it has a very high softening point and very low temperature brittleness factor.

UV Rating

UV Rated

JointFlash has undergone extensive UV testing and is rated for UV exposure of up to 30 years. With this rating, you can be assured that your junction flashing will continue to function for the duration of the time the siding is installed.

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